This device can be used to remotely monitor crops growth conditions (e.g. asparagus, potatoes, grapes…) and estimate the best moment for harvest. It can also be configured to issue warning of icing conditions.
To do so, it measures air or ground temperatures at different depths (0cm, 5cm, 20cm, 40cm) and send them over periodically (e.g. every hour) to the cloud using the Sigfox network.


  • Controlled by a low power STM32F4XX micro controller, the hardware integrates a one-wire interface which can read temperatures from up to eight sensors
  • A GPS module and a 3-axis accelerometer are present on the board to determine sensor position and attitude


  • One wire interface (can read up to 16 temperatures)
  • USB connection for reflashing and testing
  • Very low power 32-bit Arm Cortex CPU
  • Low power GPS module
  • Low power Sigfox module (up to 144 messages/day)
  • Optimized energy consumption (estimated 3 years operation with one battery)
  • 3-axis Accelerometer
  • Ground humidity sensor
  • Integrated battery health estimator
  • Optional soil humidity sensor
  • Extension connector
IoT plant monitor, antenna & Sigfox servers
Web interface
Farm operators
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