Press release

EmTroniX is developing generic products for the New Space industry.

31 August 2022

For more than 10 years, EmTroniX has been involved in numerous European space projects to develop tailor-made electronics and software solutions. Strong of this experience, the company is now designing generic products that could serve different customers and different missions.
EmTroniX first generic products were the LNBs – Low Noise Block downconverters – released mid-march. Today, different versions are available and can operate up to Ka-band. Their design made them suitable for different Micro-Satellite or CubeSat missions and customizable according to the customer’s needs in terms of connectors, mechanic and frequency of operation. They are small, low power and provide high-performances. EmTroniX’s LNBs can be mounted behind an antenna or be separated from it.

Following this first product, EmTroniX continues to design and produce New Space electronics and software for avionics and telecommunication payloads. The company benefits from the different expertise it has in-house to develop, quickly and at lower cost, products which can be adapted easily to different mission requirements.
New Space product
3D model of EmTroniX’s LNB
The company aims to launch new products in 2023 in order to increase its New Space product portfolio and to become a reference in this domain.

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