Press release

EmTroniX has a new up and running test equipment: A climatic chamber

26 April 2022

EmTroniX keeps developing its production and assembly department. Its goal: become more independent and be able to quickly and at a lower cost produce highly reliable prototyping solution.
The company latest investment is a climatic chamber. It comes in parallel with the thermal chamber we already acquired.
The goal of such equipment is to test and stress our electronics to be sure they can withstand the extreme conditions they will endure in space and more specifically in terms of temperature. The climatic chamber can go from -70 to +180°C with a temperature rate of change of max 5°C/min while controlling the humidity.

With a chiller outside the building and the chamber inside, the temperature and humidity can be controlled by a computer or a smartphone. EmTroniX has chosen an efficient and innovative climatic chamber in order to be in line with its development plan.
Picture of the climatic chamber
This is in line with EmTroniX’s strategy: become a reference in terms of New Space product production.

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