Press release

20 years ago, EmTroniX became more than just a name!

8 June 2021

EmTroniX, specialized in advanced electronics and embedded software, was officially created on the 23rd of February 2001. But it was actually few months after, in June, that Cedric Lorant, current CEO of EmTroniX with former co-founders, started working on their very first project: an open engine management system for IFP (Institut Français du Pétrole).

All started in 2001 when the founders saw the potential of creating a “Made in Luxembourg” company that would offer flexible and cost-effective electronics solutions to companies for their projects.

Initially, dedicated to the automotive industry, EmTroniX’s first project was to develop an open engine management system for IFP. The company has since then provided highly reliable electronics to different sectors and is now mainly focused on the New Space industry.

EmTroniX is developing different payloads for this sector and has been part of several European projects like the lunar pathfinder (4M) which orbited the Moon or more lately the HERA mission which aims to prevent asteroid collision on Earth.

Twenty years after its creation, EmTroniX is proud to be a key partner in the development of the Integrated Avionics Unit of the LuxSpace Triton-X new satellite platform.


EmTroniX production expert working on the Integrated Avionics Unit.

During these 20 years, EmTroniX hasn’t stop growing, with now 29 experts and a yearly 2 digits growth, the company keeps working on new projects and new opportunities in Luxembourg and in Europe. Its latest internal development has been to invest in new prototyping/production machines like the MYPro Pick & Place machine. This equipment gives the company more efficiency and control in the A-to-Z conception of its electronics.

But EmTroniX won’t stop here, according to the strategic plan implemented in 2019, the company’s goal is to sell its own products. Therefore, EmTroniX is designing adaptable and flexible payload that can be adjusted to numerous projects. Its Generic Software Defined Radio has been conceived to reach this goal. The first edition has been made for the MACSAT and Juventas (HERA) project but can be used and easily adapted to different projects in the telecommunication sectors.

The company wanted to organize a celebration for this important milestone, but unfortunately due to the coronavirus, EmTroniX has decided to postpone this event to 2022 as health is an important concern for the company.

Happy birthday EmTroniX!

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