Press release

EmTroniX has now 30 employees and keeps hiring!

18 April 2023

Last week, EmTroniX had the pleasure to welcome its administrative officer, Alejandra, allowing the company to reach 30 employees! It is an important milestone for the company and a necessary step to become a reference in the New Space industry.

Five years ago, the team was composed of 10 employees. In order to follow the increasing demand, the company has decided to focus on hiring new experts – on the engineering side but also develop its support functions to increase the structure of the company. But as Cedric Lorant likes saying “a business relationship is first and foremost a human relationship”, this applies to our customers, our suppliers but also to our employees.

“It was important for us to hire the right person. Meaning we were paying attention to the competences of course but also to the motivation and the state of mind of the person, to be sure he/she will fit in. Today, we are really proud to have a team of 30 people, working together on advanced New Space products in a friendly atmosphere to build the future of this industry.” Cedric Lorant, CEO of EmTroniX.

Picture of a team building in Luxembourg

The growth will continue and with the generic product development EmTroniX is working on (SDR & high-speed downlink), the company will keep hiring to design New Space payloads. To visit our latest job offers, please visit our website here: ​

Welcome in the team Alejandra!

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